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Kitesurf, which is a board sport based on wind control provided by kite, has become an increasing trend in recent years by increasing its popularity day by day. Although it looks like a power sport, it is a balance sport where you can balance the power with your body weight thanks to the trapeze attached to the waist and control the wind with the bar that acts as a steering wheel and the ride on the water with the board on your feet. Kitesurf, which can be easily done by all children over thirty kilograms and individuals of all ages, without the need for any sports infrastructure, is preferred by nature and sports lovers who want to get away from routine city life and relax.


It was established in 2012 by Kivanc and Savas, two trainers who have transformed their board sports passion into a lifestyle, on the coast of Gökova / Akçapınar Kiteboard. The adventure that started with Kıvanç and Savaş, whose main coaching branches were snowboarding, took the form of Kartalkaya snowboard in winter and Kitebase Gökova kiteboard trainer in summer with the participation of teammates. Experienced and professionally trained, this team can provide training in Turkish, English, German and Russian. Kitebase Gökova Kiteboard School has been continuing its activities since 2012 with its athletes, youth camps and Akyaka Kiteboarding Tours, and awaits its new guests for quality and reliable education.

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Kitebase Gokova Team with an Ordinary Present!


Kıvanç Gedikali

I was born in 1980 Istanbul. I graduated from Uludag University International Relations department. I have been a snowboarding instructor for 15 years in Kartalkaya. I worked in different missions in various windsurfing, wakeboards and sailing schools. For the last 8 years, I have been working as an instructor and school manager at the Kitebase Gökova kiteboarding school.

Bilal Koçak

I was born in Sarıkamış in 1994 and grew up in İstanbul. Ist. Development Uni. I am a graduate of the School of Physical Education and Sports, I have completed Pedagogy training at Istanbul University. I got the Tennis Coaching Certificate with the University. Since 2010, I have been doing professional snowboarding and training. Since 2016, I have been working as a kiteboard instructor at Kitebase Gökova.

Çagrı Yılmazoğulları

I was born in 1983 in Izmir. I completed my university education in the field of International Relations and European Union. After my degree in the UK, I became an energy policy expert. Throughout my life, I have been interested in many sports, both amateur and professional. Since the beginning of my age 6 KSK infrastructure basketball my adventure, I fit 7.lig Çiğil Belediyespor Turkey in the youth team. I made both presidency and team captains of basketball, paintball, sailing and rowing clubs of Izmir University of Economics. In 2004, I joined the olympic class windsurfing national team camp and competed in the national team races. After many years as a windsurf instructor, I have been a kiteboard instructor at the Kitebase Gökova school for 5 years.

Efecan Sözer

I was born in 1990 in Istanbul. I graduated from Galileo Galilei Italian High School. I studied Tourism & Hotel Management at Kültür University and Istanbul University. I started the sport with skiing at the age of 3 and continued with snowboard. I met Kiteboard as a student in Kitebase and after developing myself with our professional staff, I am now a KB4 licensed trainer in Kitebase Gökova. I also run my own boutique hotel, cafe & bar.

Münür Balabanoğlu

I was born in Istanbul in 1975. I started the sport in a young age with basketball in Fenerbahce club. From secondary school, I studied ballet training at the M.S.U state conservatory. Due to my passion for nature, I went to motorcycle, mountain bike and windsurfing. The kitebord sport I met in 2017 was indispensable for me. I am a teacher with KB4 license in KITEBASE Gokova.

Adem Başer

I was born in 1980 in Istanbul. I was involved in sports in every period of my life and I was a manager in various sports clubs. I met snowboarding in 2004 and Kiteboarding in 2013 and was connected to this sport with great passion. I am a TYF-KB4 licensed trainer in Kitebase Gökova, where I was a student before.

Bora Atalay

I was born in 1983 in Istanbul. I started as a windsurf instructor in 1999. I started kiteboarding in 2000 and got an iko trainer certificate in 2004. I have been teaching snowboard and kiteboarding since 2003.

Altar Canbek

I was born in 1995 in Izmir. Sports have always been in my life since I was a child. For a while, I was interested in gymnastics, athletics, basketball and football sports both amateur and professionally. I first came to Muğla for my university education in 2014 and in the following few years I met kiteboarding. I have been teaching at home and abroad for six years in my adventure that started as an assistant.

Yunus Kılıç

I was born in Mersin in 1990. I started my sports life with basketball at the age of 10. I played professional basketball at Çukurova Club for 8 years. I met snowboarding in 2015 and then kitesurfing in 2017. I started teaching in 2021 in KiteBaseGökova, where I studied.

Yiğitalp Çınar

I was born in 2002 in Muğla. During my years at Köyceğiz science high school, I played licensed basketball with the school team in Muğla Ormanspor infrastructure for 4 years. Then I started Kiteboarding as an assistant at Kitebase Gökova in 2019 and as of 2021 I continue as an instructor. With the end of the kiteboard season, I do Snowboard and Wakeboard.

Ender Maden

I was born in 1995 in Muğla Akyaka. I studied Sports Sciences University Coaching Department. I took part in many different branches professionally and amateurly, since 2017 I have been teaching in different parts of the world with a Kb4 license.

Özay Gökova

I was born in 2002 Muğla/Gökova. I am a biosystem engineer student at Bursa Uludağ University. I have been with kite since I was 13 years old, I can say that I grew up in Kitebase Gökova. I have been teaching for about a year.

Kaan Cengiz

I was born in 1985 in Bursa. I am a graduate of Eastern Mediterranean University, Department of Public Relations and Advertising. For many years, I played football and coached in different clubs. After skiing and snowboarding for a short time, I met kitesurfing and got the kb4 certificate and started teaching.


I was born in 1994 in Muğla. I graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Computer Engineering. Then I did my master's in Ireland. I have been kitesurfing since 2009. Since 2017, I have received my KB4 trainer certificate and I am still continuing.

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